loose hair

soft  gaze,


fine porcelain,

you name the Oak

it grows, slowly and fully


pelo  suelto

mirada suave,


porcelana fina,

nombras el Roble

crece, lento y pleno

painting/ poem © Doris Pacheco


Hope is the thing

with feathers

that perches in

the soul

and sings the tune

without the words

and never stops

at all.

Emily Dickinson

* For my time out for art I decided to do two feathers in pen and ink, I never use my color pens, so I gave it a try, what do you think?. Been thinking of the desert…where feathers fall, angels tread & gypsies roam…

Pink Lotus

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I did this flower for my friend Lisa (La maestra), hope you like it amiga!. Sorry I have not posted lately my time out for art, I been a bit busy with a project, will try to do the challenges as often as I can.

Here is a quote Lisa posted on her blog…

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” Camille Pissarro


I took a little holiday vacation with my cousin, I went to three cities in my state, South Padre Island, San Antonio and Austin, a total of 12 days, it was super cold but that did not stop us from traveling and having fun…

South Padre Island


San Antonio
The Alamo  I been to the Alamo three times and never had taken pictures there


Texas State Capitol (just like the Alamo been to the Capitol before and no camera in hand ;), but now I have some pictures lol )


St. Mary Cathedral

and if you come to Texas you can find cowboys and horses in the middle of downtown, we were eating at the Austin Ale house and these fellas showed up…
and yes we took the tourist pictures…
todas fotos
P.S. my word press is acting weird.

Joan Miró

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What I am looking for… is an immobile movement, something which would be the equivalent of what is called the eloquence of silence

Blue II, 1961 by Joan Miro

Lo que estoy buscando… Es un movimiento inmóvil, algo que sería el equivalente de lo que se llama la elocuencia del silencio

The Flight of the Dragonfly in Front of the Sun, 1968 by Joan Miro

Throughout the time in which I am working on a

canvas I can feel how I am beginning to love it, with that love which is born of slow comprehension.

Al cabo de un tiempo de estar trabajando en un lienzo,

puedo sentir cómo me estoy empezando a enamorar, con el amor que nace de la comprensión lenta.

The Birth of Day, 1968 by Joan Miro

Figures and Dog in front of Sun, 1949 by Joan Miro

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”

“Trato de aplicar colores como palabras que forman poemas, como notas que forman música.”

Joan Miró, ‘A Star Caresses the Breast of a Negress (Painting Poem)’ 1938

The works must

be conceived with fire

in the soul but

executed with

clinical coolness.

Las obras deben ser

concebidas con fuego

en el alma,

pero ejecutadas

con frialdad clínica

e tower 3 b

e tower 3

The tallest structure I know is the Eiffel tower in Paris, so I had to take pictures like crazy , when I printed the photos, yes this was years ago and got to see the photos up close I realize a ghost or strange light came out on one the pictures…

e tower main

weekly photo challenge: Unexpected  and the Weekly photo challenge: Let There be Light!

Edward vidaurre 1

“Sometimes the barrio claims us, holds us by our feet like roots in its field of chalk outlines closed off by the screaming yellow tape being pulled from its soul.” Edward Vidaurre

Edward Vidaurre is one the driving forces behind local poets, writers, artists, and musicians in South Texas. Vidaurre is the founder of Pasta; Poetry & Vino and Barrio Poet Productions. He has been nominated for a pushcart prize for his poem, “Lorca in the Barrio” and also is co-editing an anthology called Twenty for Newtown, CT through El Zarape Press with Daniel Garcia Ordaz, Katie Hoerth, and Jose Chapa V.

“I took my Barrio on a Road Trip” is a personal journey that will take you on a ride from El Salvador to East Los Angeles and then to the South Texas, his writing is strong, skillful and honest. Each poem has a story were he takes the reader on a ride through moments of struggle, happiness and change, a barrio poet who has turn his adversity  into a celebration of life.

I was very intrigued by this book, I have heard Edward poems many times in different readings, when I heard that he had his first book of verse, it made want to get it right away, and to my surprise he took me on a quite a journey it was more than what I expected.  For me growing up in Mexico and then coming to the valley was nothing like the barrio or the housing projects of Los Angeles, but I can understand the poem “Domiga” where he talks about his grandma, have a few friends who have experience the poems  “Her Name was Maria” and “Runaway Mother”.  I can understand the pain in the poems “Wounds of a woman” and “Mothers Pain”. I can perceive his relationship with his father with the poem “Bath Time” and how his relationship with his daughter is very different.  As the book progresses the tone of the poems change just like his life, he turned those bad experiences into something beautiful like his poetry.

let me show you what I am talking about…

El Salvador

Edward vidaurre 3

East Los Angeles

Edwarad Vidaurre


edward vidaurre 2

 have to tell you I have a habit, when it comes to a poetry book, I always read the last poem first , those few last lines say a lot of the poet…

edward vidaurre

you thought I was going to give you the poem get the book ;).

Well,I wanted to give thanks to my followers friends and wanted to give something back, I am giving away a copy of this book, just comment and you enter the drawing.

Please support this great poet…

You can buy this book at: Amazon

Or you can contact Edward Vidaurre his facebook 

Pages on Facebook: Vario Poet     Pasta, Poetry & Vino   Barrio Poet Productions

P.D. Edward que se me abrió el apetito con su poema “Alguashte” ahora quiero pupusitas  con frijolitos, una gaseosa en una bolsa de plástico y para rematar manguitos con alguashte lol ;). Mañana le digo a mi madre que me haga las pupusas, no son iguales pero algo es algo ;).